Top 3 Most Successful and Wealthy Agents

As you may understand the top 3 most successful and wealthy agents we talk about are Jorge Mendes , Mino Raiola and Jonathan Barnett which in our opinion are the most successful football businessmen with clients like Christiano, Zlatan , Pogba ,Bale,lukaku,hart and many many more..
But who they became the most Successful and Wealthy ?
Do they have anything in common ?

Let’s have a closer look

At Number #3 Jonathan Barnett

At 66 Jonathan Barnett represent some of the best football players closed quite few million deals with the biggest football clubs,very respected to the football industry with a stable and serious profile listed #9 at Forbes 2016 Sports Agents Commissions List.
375.2$ million contracts
$37.6 Million

Most Valuable Clients
• Gareth Bale
• Ashley Cole
• Luke Shaw
• Joe Hart
• Rafael da Silva
• Wojciech Szczesny
• Gylfi Sigurdsson
• Jonjo Shelvey
• Grzegorz Krychowiak

Stellar Group has more than 500 clients and 10 offices worldwide,is an industry leader.


At number #2 Mino Raiola

Mino Raiola has an incredible sense of management and marketing and based at these two he created a strong brand around his name and gave an incredible value to all of his clients.
Although he is making 2.000.000$ less than the Barnett and Stellar Group and listed just right under him at number #10 according to forbes..we believe though that Mino Raiola worth our number #2.

356.3$ Million contracts
$35.6 Million

Most Valuable Clients
• Zlatan Ibrahimovic
• Paul Pogba
• Romelu Lukaku
• Blaise Matuidi
• Henrikh Mkhitaryan
• Mario Balotelli
• Ignazio Abate

At number 1# The “Super-Agent” Jorge Mendes

After his career at football ended prematurely he worked as a dj,he owned a video rental store and also opened a bar and nightclub in Caminha,businesses irrelevant with football.
He didn’t though give up his love for football and now his is the Best Agent of the Year at the Globe Soccer Awards six consecutive times, from 2010 to 2015.

mendes_2064103a1$ billion in contracts

Most Valuable Clients
• Cristiano Ronaldo
• James Rodriguez
• Radamel Falcao
• Angel Di Maria
• Diego Costa
• Eliaquim Mangala
• Thiago Silva
• William Carvalho
• Ezequiel Garay
• João Moutinho
• Andre Gomes
• Renato Sanches


It’s commonly known that Jorge Mendes is the most successful and wealthy agent at the football industry;
At the other side Raiola brokered the world transfer record £89m move of Paul Pogba to Manchester United,it’s a body to body battle between those two.

The thing that all these tree top agents have in common is that they knew the possibilities of their clients,they believed in them,they expanded the 100% of their possibilities.
Beside hard work and talent at the end human relations is what truly matters the most.

The next Christiano or Pogba is might waiting for his “Jorge” or “Mino” or “Jonathan“.

Truth is,there are a lot of unrevealed football talents looking for a scouter or a “intermediary” – agent,asking for the chance to make their dreams,reality.

Since there no regulations on being an agent and there is no special certificate required anyone can be an “Intermediary”

But with who they should become partners ?
Who is the “best” agent to get represented ?

The good news are that if you are a proffesional football player with a great value or talent soon or later you will get scouted,either from football teams or from companies like us,Footballcorp Eurosport.
To your journey of football success either as a player or agent or even a club you will have to avoid a lot of obstacles and difficulties,you will have to use these obstacles as stepping-stones and let them lead you to something better.

Even when a football club recruit a player the human factor plays a great importance at the decision of buying the player or not.It’s literally, who you are.

The human factor is the key to success,the faith that great things are achieved by being the best version of your self,being loyal and frank with your clients and have love for what you are doing.

Jorge mendes said :

“I sign the first contract, and during 10 years, maybe it will not happen again. It works like a family.”

Truth Is we can’t imagine zlatan without Mino raiola or Jorge mendes without Ronaldo,these guys “fit together “

it’s the right combination that..unlocks the safe !

These are our top 3 most successful and wealthy agents,stay tuned for more!